Affiliate Program

For Bloggers and Influencers

Become a CESAIR affiliate and start earning money today. Choose between a 5% commission or a 10% store credit per sale that is sold through your personal link. Don’t worry about content for we will provide you with our marketing materials.

Use your platform to advertise out products, the bigger your following the higher the sales and commission.

Add your name to our review list and receive the latest products from us for free, all we ask of you is your honest review.

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For Consumers

Refer your family, friends and associates  and receive 5% store credit or 3% commission of their first purchase*. All they have to do is write down your name and CESAIR id number in the referral box when they sign up for an account.

On top of receiving a commission or store credit enjoy an addition 10% discount for every 20 paying customers that you referred**,

*The commission will be sent to you through Paypal or Cash and the credit will be placed into your CESAIR account after the return grace period is over. If any items are returned within the grace period your your commission or credit will reflect the total purchase after returns.

** You will get a discount code sent to your email address on file after you accumulated 20 sales that you referred. You will be able to combine this code to one additional code that you may have.

To get started click here.