The Brand

C4CESAIR is taking an urban route within the CESAIR brand, creating designs for the new generation of young adults, millennials and anyone who is bold and outspoken. Holding the same core values of CESAIR, C4CESAIR will carry out the same message through the focus of strong and forward graphics, patterns and slogans combined with the iconic CESAIR motif, that is printed and stamped on staple silhouettes. C4CESAIR is seen as the brand for the people who are of the streets and fighting for a positive change, because of that you will see a lot camouflage and military elements in the designs, which are inspired from the designer’s life in the U.S. Military. Along with these designs you will find everyday business attire that is combined together to give it that C4CESAIR edge.





The Youth, The Bold & The Outspoken
Lifestyle of C4CESAIR

C4CESAIR is the brand for those who have something to say against injustice, that stand up for equality, and dresses for the occasion is style. You will find the squad of C4C on the streets of major cities, throughout the crowded malls, in the hallways of schools and in the courtyards of universities. No matter where they are at you will see that C4CESAIR will have everything they need to spread the message of equality through apparel, shoes, eyewear, bags, accessories and more.

The C4CESAIR Person

C4CESAIR, the brand where you can express yourself no matter if you hyper-feminine, hyper-masculine, androgynous or just you, this is a squad of love, motivation, and equality.

Be Loud. Be Bold. Be C’een